Comment Policy

The following rules will probably be incomplete. Therefore, I immediately point you to rule number 1.

(1) It is me, Zweisatz, and only me who decides which comments will be published. No matter what you try, if I do not like a comment, it will not appear.
(2) No sexist, racist, hetero-sexist*, classist, cis-sexist*, anti-muslim, ableist (which includes negative references to mental illnesses and neuro atypical people) language or statements criticizing a certain body type or shape – be it slim, fat or triangular.
(3) Although I appreciate politeness and respectful discourse, sometimes you are allowed to use caps *gasp* and always swear words that do not break other rules of this comment policy. (The more privileged you / your statements are, the less likely that I will let you write aggressively.)
It is forbidden to directly insult other commenters.
(4) If a comment would be totally okay if it was not for statement X or word Y, I will only edit this part or send it back to you so that you can correct it, if you like.
(5) Troll comments will be deleted. Nothing new here.
(6) Derailing and straw man arguments (i.e. pseudo-discussions that have nothing to do with the content of the article or argumenting with statements which actually no one made) will be punished.
(7) I call it “You make Harriet J sad.”
(8) New: Words like “idiot” or “stupid/dumb” cannot be used as insults on this blog. The existence or absence of intelligence do not reflect on the correctness or value of an idea or a person.
(9) And finally: yes, I decide which comments get through.

Final statement: I know I still have to learn a lot and that is why I would be pleased if you told me when I have fucked up. But only, if you still have the spoons.

These guidelines can and probably will be updated from time to time.

*Formerly known as “homophobic” and “transphobic”. Replaced because of ableist implications.


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