Survey: What does “^^” mean to you?


Please answer the following questions in the comments.

I need a lot of answers to make the survey representative so please help me with sharing this link!

(1) Do you use this smiley? “^^
(1 a) If you don’t, why?
(2) In which situations do you/people you know use this smiley?
(3) If you associate a certain mimic or gesture with this smiley which one would that be? (Feel free to link to pictures to illustrate them.)

Thanks for your help and please, spread the word!

PS: I will write about the purpose of this survey as soon as it’s over.


One Response to Survey: What does “^^” mean to you?

  1. 1) yes.
    2) to textually express amusement, glee, joy, etc – cf. 3)
    3) a smile involving the upper side of the face (in contrast to mostly just smiling with your mouth); also, both sides of the face are equally involved (no smirking with one side of your mouth). showing teeth is not necessary, but otherwise this picture captures it pretty well.

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