Links 13

“Dating” show hurts protagonist [German]

It’s not enough for their career if women do “everything right” [German]

“Why I’m leaving feminism”

Men’s rights site offers bounty for personal information of Swedish feminists

The fear of the female body

Very good description and summary of gaslighting with comments worth reading

“Silent SMS” very popular in Germany to locate mobile phones [German]

Disabled student of Technical University Dortmund faces discrimination [German]

Sexualized little girls take two


Links 12

Guitars that are women, women who are guitars [German]

A new point of view on “too few women” in several Asian countries [German]

Sexism in computer science studies [German]

“The face of the other”

People with disabilities and high pressure sales

Racism in Germany in the context of “kebab”-murders [German]

Why are the media most interested in the love life of a white supremacist woman? [German]

“How to spot mansplaining in the wild”

“The girl’s guide to staying save online

Classism and sexism in the “post-gender”, “somehow feminist” German Pirate Party [German]